Sunday, November 27, 2011


"Mum, look just please come home. I'm just, I don't want to be alone."
"Honey, you know me and your father rarely go out and we we-" I heard my mothers voice through the phone and cut her off.
"Yes I know you and went out, John went out too, just, please."
"You're such a wuss Micheal"
"No! I'm not a wuss, I can't even believe you would say that, ugh" I gave up, and I felt like I was being watched again. "Okay, just forget it." I whirled around, nothing there. Again.
I stood staring, breathing heavily. My mother's voice again "Micheal, are you there?"
"Yeah, Yeah, no I'm here." I pause to take a deep breath, "Yeah, just, fine. Forget it, I'll go to bed." What's breathing on my neck?.
"Yeah, cool, Thanks for nothing." I hang up with a beep. And place the phone on the table.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wizard of Oz parody idea

So, after I finished my maths exam today, I had an idea for a Wizard of Oz, parody, twist thing. And anyone who has the luck of looking at the back page might have a bit of an idea what it is.

Or just read this.

To sum it up, It's a dystopian world, set in an urban environment, crime rules, etc etc.
Tin Man is an old man, and he's not called tin man, he's called Charles, or some such name. He's Tin man because he's semi-homeless and collects tin cans for a living, he needs a "heart" because he's lost all hope.
Scarecrow is a assassin for hire, but he's headstrong, and always picking fights, rushing into things without, you guessed it, thinking. And that's how he needs a brain.
"Lion" is a teenage boy, and that's his nickname, because he's always so scared. With good reason, his family was killed by mobsters in a drive by shooting. At some point, he kills a lion. And gets his courage. and wears the tail. It's all sketchy at the moment.

As for Dorothy, I'm undecided, either a young girl who has lost her way. Or a Teenage/Young Adult girl who has also lost her way, and is, a prostitute. But keeps her spirits up.

I have no idea who the wizard would be, or why this unlikely band of compatriots would band together to go to him.

It's all in development, but I like it.

oh, and Todo would be a big dog. Not a small one.

Just some thoughts, Tyler.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mind Games

I was here again. It didn't matter where here was. Just that it existed and that it was where I was. I knew three things, as follows: I was here. There was a house here. The cat is also here. And it's in that we all have in common. I start walking toward the house. The cat follows me. It is black. But everything is black. Or white. The cat stays in my shadow, cast by some invisible light source that must also be here. Everything is silent.

The house looms above me. Stretching to become a roof, moving around me to make walls, and suddenly I am inside. This is not odd. There is a scratching at the door. It's the cat, it's always the cat. I move to open it, a sense of dread building in me. What if this time, it's not the cat? What if this time it's a monster, a beast with tentacles or a masked man. Come to take me away or gobble me up. In my head, horror music plays.

I open the door. It's the cat. I was being stupid, it's always the cat. We turn and walk up the stairs, the colors get darker, somehow in the monochrome world. This is also not odd.  We are in a corridor, there are doors. There are nothing but doors. All around me. I am no longer in the house. But I am still here.

I open a door, at 7'clock to me. It's the same, a room with a box. I dare not open the box though. I did that once. It was.. unpleasant. the memories are faded. I take another door, one I haven't before. It's red suddenly. Why is it red? It's never been red. I collapse in anxiety. This should not happen. This has happened before. Something always changes, I never remember what, only that it changes. Perhaps it's been red before, and this situation has played out exactly the same. How pointless. I center myself on this thought and stand. The cat watches me. It's never not watching me. I don't think I've seen the back of it's head.

I open the red door. And fall through. I am falling, then I stop. Everything is black. Except for myself. I can see myself. Standing in blackness. There's the cat. Black on the blackness, watching me. The music plays.
What is going on? I guess I have never really known that. What a redundant question.

The music heightens, It's in my head and around me, the cat smiled. But cats don't smile. I see a flicker of a childhood memory of a smiling purple cat. I brush it away. Cat's do not smile. Especially so white. So eerily, so much larger then it's mouth.

I scream. It's not a cat. It's the masked.. thing. It grins at me. It's always fucking grinning at me. I run at it. It's behind me. I run at it. I want to tear it's stupid mask off. It's behind me, grinning. Always grinning. What am I running on? It's White now. Marble. It's still grinning. I want my cat back. I run at the masked thing. It's grin splits, the teeth sharpened. It swallows me.

I wake up.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Night Placid

The wind is still, merely a breeze
Creatures nesting in the trees

Distant cars on busier roads,
Carrying home their tired loads

The rhythmic thudding of footfall
I walk the road, straight and tall

I'm walking back to face my fate
Cold makes me shiver, It's getting late

I stop, I stand, I am at peace
As I walk alone, at night, the streets.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sickness Dreams

I am asleep. I am sick. I am dreaming horrible dreams. I see myself standing, with a line of my loved ones and friends stretching out in front of me. I am to choose their fate, will they live or die. I see myself choose death, for all of them, watching myself, I feel horrified, not only because I am capable of such an act of evil, but my pure emotionless regard of the lives of my friends and family. I simply did not care. They will all die.

I break away from the dream and awake.

I am sweating, I am sick. I remember now. My neck is sore. I have a fever. My head pounds. I see my brothers getting ready for school, my mother walks past and tells me to go sleep in bed, so I don't infect the couch with my sickness. I try to fight the sleep, my fever takes hold and I am asleep again. Back to the dream.

I let someone live. I am unsure who. I feel emotion for the first time. Happiness in seeing them. Then the queue moves on, and I sentence another to their death. Why is it up to me? Why must I decide who lives and who dies? More come, I am scared. I don't want to be like this, I try and shake off the dream.

I awake again. I am scared.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

100 words challenge.

So, Miss Lysandra Newton issued a challenge on her blog to write a story in exactly 100 words, no more no less.

Lets do this.

Timmy drew the dagger from a pocket in his coat, he would only get one chance at this, he knew as much. He watched in silence from his perch in the tree as his target approached. A simple minded thick-headed bully, Mike had been terrorising Timmy for years. And now it was time for revenge. Thud, thud thud. Mike’s footsteps grew closer, his silhouette clearer. Then as he walked under the branch, Timmy leapt, the dagger, aimed for Mike’s throat. Mike looked up at the shape falling towards him. The last thing he saw was a very wicked grin indeed.

Done and Done. :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is a time of day, every now and again, when the sun has fully set, but it's rays still illuminate the sky to the point of visibility. When everything is hazy, the lights give off a corona, unlike any other time of day. All is still. The noise around you is quiet. You don't notice it. This is a time of power, a time when raw energy flows through  the air, into the ground, trees, water and you.

Humans generally don't go out at this time of day, as the natural power repulses them on a instinctual level, despite their greed for it elsewhere. But you always get the exception to the rule, those few humans who have never felt so alive then at that time of day. In the ancient tongue the elders would call this time of day Tyi' larght. But now, it's more commonly known as twilight.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Story Idea - Hopefully Novel

To all of you that read this, yes, all... none of you?
I am going to write a novel. Well hopefully novel length, maybe novelette?
I know what you are thinking "But Tyler/Roger/Reginald you've said this before!"
But this is different! Why? Because I know the whole story, I just need to write it out, tranfer my brain onto paper as it were.

it will be based around the character I created for my FTV horror film, Iam Aman.
Basically, murderous spirit.
Anyway, that's all i'll give you for now, I'm really looking forward to this.
I'll post teaser chapters if I want too.


Monday, June 27, 2011

To those interested

I ended Ranaway abruptly, because I am in a bad mood, but also, because I wanted to to write a realistic story, and realistically, most people would not leap at the chance to help a total stranger and get involved in a dangerous and possibly life-threatening chase.

They would perfer the comfort of home.

Plus, this story has already been done on a show I've seen, so eh.

Ranaway Pt 3

"You have to go, I don't want to be involved" Vanessa told him.
The look on his face was disappointment, but, in his eyes she could see he understood.
"okay." He breathed.

And then he turned and left, and that was the last Vanessa heard from Nathaniel.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ranaway: Part II

"y-You.." she stuttered. "What are you doing here?"
"I don't know you." he said to her.
"Well obviously.." She couldn't control her sarcasm, it was her automatic defence.
"Then why are you talking like you know me?"
She was taken aback, she was talking like she knew him.
"Well it's just, you're Nathaniel Crowe."
Now it was his turn to be taken aback.
"How do you know my name?"
"You mean you haven't seen the missing persons posters? They are all over town.." She paused, recounting the information on the poster "Missing, Nathaniel Crowe, Seventeen, Went missing last Tuesday night, If you have any information, contact Mrs Crowe on 0439865734 and there's a picture.. of well, you."
Nathaniel looked distant, he mumbled a word which sounded vaguely like "Mum" An expression of pain crossed his face.
"Well, you never answered me" Vanessa told him.
"What are you doing here?"
"I can't tell you."
"Well then, Why are you sneaking around on my doorstep" She managed to remain calm, but she could feel her heart beating in her chest.
"It's cold" he looked embarrassed "And I could see the light was on, So, uhm.. Do you have any food?"
Vanessa was flustered, he's been missing for about two weeks, of course he is hungry.
"Yeah, uhm, come in," She gestured awkwardly.
"I should probably let you know, before you get involved"
She didn't know what he mean't by "get involved" but her heart beat faster.
"I'm on the run, not just missing. People are after me."


Hello Friends.

Two things,
the first - I am no longer going to post Insert Civilisation here on my blog, as I decided I hate it, and I know I'm never going to finish it.

The second - My novel, has become our novel, Namely a  Mr Tom Rogers and I. And it is no longer about vampires (to be honest I hadn't even started) but has a whole new plot instead. The working title is The Aeternum Coil. Hope that spikes your imagination, because that is all you will be getting.
I am pretty excited about this project.

That's all for now, thank you again.
Tyler Morrisson

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ranaway: Part I

Vanessa sighed and shut down the computer. It was one in the morning and she had gotten tired of giving the finger to snipers on Battlefield. She got up and shuffled to her room, put a shirt over the current one and took off her pants. replacing them with thick flannel pajama pants.
She heard a scuffle at the front door.
Her heart raced, and so did her thoughts.
I wonder who that is. It could be anyone. But my whole family is asleep. then who could it be at 1am? One of my friends? No, unless they were having some massive trouble at home.. but none of them live near here oh god, what if it's a home invasion, just waiting for me to open the door so they can shoot me in the head!
She tried to compose herself Deep breaths Vanessa, It won't be anything like that.
She crept slowly out of her room. The space between her and her front door seeming to stretch for miles. She inch slowly, walking heel to toe. The floorboards creaked on her next step and her heart jumped into her throat, she clamped her hands to her mouth, it was all she could do to stop herself shouting in alarm.
Then she realised how silly she was being and walked over to the door and pulled it open. It was never locked.

She gasped.
Standing at the door was a 17 year old boy named Nathaniel Crowe, He had dark hair and even darker darting eyes. She had never met him before in her life, but, in the past few weeks she had seen him in almost every shop, or building in town she had gone into.
He was the boy from all the missing posters.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Filming and Acting,



I have been rather busy of late, with school, Theatre, friends, assignments and the lot.
Rather pissed off this week for two reasons:
mum got sick and cancelled an awesome party that was planned.
and I was mean't to have finished filming for my FTV assignment this weekend, but only Zoee` could be bothered being in it (thank you again btw) And so, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all couldn't work out, and now the only person I have to be in it won't be able to until probably Monday..
I need to get the filming done, or else I'm going to fail this assignment, and it's stressing me out.

On a more positive note, I auditioned for Guys and Dolls at the playhouse and got in.
I have the role of Rusty Charlie, One of the gangsters.
Two rehearsals down so far, 16 more to go.
Should be a great show.

You should all come and see it.
Well, That's all for now,
Roger M. Stuff.

Insert Civilisation Here Part IV

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and relieved that we had found people, but, I didn’t know whether to trust them or not. I left my tent and saw Maria and her daughters sitting by the fire, which was still smoking. I walked over and said hello, and we started to talk. The conversation got onto how they got here, and Maria told me “Well my husband is Rod, We were holidaying with him at a local ranger station, so we could get out of the city, and he could continue working, that was just before the bombs hit, and when they did, Rod radioed Terry here, and within a day and a half we got here, and have been camping here ever since.”
“Since then, have you had any, encounters, with the cuprah cobra”, I struggled with the word.
“Chupracabra”, Maria finished.
“Yes those”, I said softly.
“Well, a couple of days into us staying here, we started to hear sounds, and a couple of days later they attacked, they took another cop that was here and”,-Just then, Terry came running up with a serious expression, but then it changed, and he was happy again, he just said “Hi guys”, and sat down, Maria stopped talking and we changed the subject onto stuff about me and what I did before coming here, such as my school and where we lived. Then, we were joined by Vera who came over, we could tell by her face something was up, because, everyone stopped talking.
“I heard some noises, just before, I didn’t know whether I should come tell you or not.”
“Always come tell us Vera, but the sun is up now, and they wouldn’t dare attack, but maybe tonight, that’s the way it went last time.” Terry’s voice trailed off. I had an idea.
“What if we set up some defences?”
“Defences?” Terry asked.
“Yeah you know, cut down some trees, and sharpen them, set up a defence line, and light more than one fire, they hate it, and their greasy skin is flammable.”
“How do you know that?” Maria piped in.
“I thought Geoff would have told you... We threw one into the fire when we encountered them, he lit up really fast.”
“I think this boy is onto something Terry”, I didn’t enjoy being called boy, but Vera didn’t notice and continued, “We have enough people here to do it in a day, and plus, it can’t do any harm, and it gives us something to do.”
“Alright, we’ll do it Will, but you had better be right. I don’t feel too good about cutting down these trees.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part III

Everyone was miserable and shocked after that, my mother, who even though it all had tried to be happy, slowly slipped into despondency. She didn’t speak to anyone in days. Geoff was the least affected but, he was still depressed because it reminded him of his parents, and also mostly preoccupied looking after his ear, or what was left of it. I was still in shock, I couldn’t comprehend it. But, worst of all was Alice just kept asking us where daddy was, no one had the heart to tell her. We buried him when she was asleep.  We camped there for a few day before we decided to head off, funny thing was that it wasn’t much of a decision, we just all started packing up, mum packing Alice’s stuff and so on. I think it was Geoff who checked the map and started walking. We all followed, I’m not sure about details from there on because it was just a blur, but eventually we made it to the ranger’s camp. It was occupied, there were at least 7 or 8 people there, and by the looks of them 3 or 4 we’re rangers, one was a cop and there was another family, a single mother with 2 daughters, 8 and 12 by the looks of them. They had set up a kind of shanty town around the hut from tents and makeshift shelters.  How strange we must have looked walking in from the woods, two teenage boys, one with a bandage around his head, the other covered in dirt and mud, a middle aged brunette woman carrying a young girl of 5. All looking like they had walked through hell and back. We felt like it too. They all turned when they heard us coming, a few of the men aiming their guns. They lowered them again when they saw us. Two of them ran over to help us with our stuff. The first was one of the rangers still in uniform, he looked mid 30’s with dirty blonde hair, and he had a slight Irish accent. He introduced himself as Terry and told us that this was his Ranger’s station before the apocalypse and that they set up camp here, safety in numbers and all that. The other man he introduced as Roger, who was a cop, he was younger maybe 25-26 with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They helped us carry our packs over and settled us in setting up our tents and sleeping bags for us. I’m not too sure about the others but I just went straight to sleep. That was about mid-afternoon about 3-4ish. I woke up later that night; everyone was talking around the campfire. I saw Geoff was already awake. Everyone stopped talking as I walked over and sat down. Terry broke the silence saying “Geoff here was just telling us about how you got here and your encounter with two Chupracabra.”
 “Chupra whatra?” I replied.
“Chupracabra”, Geoff interrupted “That’s what those monsters that we saw are.”
 “Monster is right”, Terry said “People used to think they didn’t exist, until now and even then I’m not sure how many people know about them.”
There was silence again, till Terry broke it for the second time. “But we can talk about that later, let me introduce everyone else. This is Maria.” He said motioning to the mother, “And these are her two girls, Belle and Jennifer”, Doing the same to the girls, first the younger than the older.
“Hello”, Maria said. She had a very strong Hispanic accent.
“Roger, you have met, and these are my fellow Forest Rangers. Rodriguez, though, you can call him Rod, we all do. Peter and Vera”, He continued showing my attention to the other two sitting by the fire, one was a rather big man, with no hair. The other was African American woman with curly hair.
“Hi”, they all said in turn.
“Hello”, I said in reply.
“And you are?” Terry asked.
I was amazed Geoff hadn’t told them our names, “Will” I said, “and my mum, Julia and my sister Alice sleeping over there. And I can see you have met my best friend Geoff.”
“We have indeed, well it’s getting late and we should be heading in. Rod, you and Peter are on first watch tonight, wake me and Vera when you want to be relieved. The rest of you, into bed”, Terry told us. He seemed to have authority. We said our goodnights and went off to our respective shelters.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part II

I came to the camp roughly 3 months ago; See I was camping at the time of the apocalypse with my best friend, Geoff, My mum and dad, and my younger sister, Alice. We saw the explosions. We were in Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin. And honestly, I don’t know how we survived. It must have been the densely wooded trees that stopped the radiation or something. We decided to stay put, we had planned a long camping trip, a good month or so, and we could get supplies from the area around us. There were plenty of trees, and a river close by, full of fish which we found was the only uncontaminated food we could get. We stayed at the camp most the time, and talked about what could have happened. Geoff was freaking out, and worried sick about his parents. I tried to calm him down by telling him that his parents are probably alright, that was probably the wrong thing to say because he went off and yelled at me about, did I see the size of the explosion? And it’s easy for me to say, I know that my parents are fine, and to finish off his statement, he punched me square in the face. Anyway I’m getting off topic, I think by about the 2 and a half months mark, we decided that we had to find civilisation, and other people. So we packed up out camp, which was surprisingly easier than it was when we left. Because, we had eaten most of the food we brought, and all we had were tents, and the makeshift tools. We knew there were ranger camps all through the woods, and decided to find one using the map we had. We headed to the closest one, a day’s journey directly south. When we got there we found it locked. So my father smashed the lock open, with a rock he found nearby. Inside, it was filled with provisions, and we were all very tired, so we set up camp there. Unfortunately, there were only 3 beds and I drew the short straw. And I had to sleep on the floor. It was that night that I had my first “encounter” with one of the creatures I mentioned earlier. It must have been about 3am and I sat bolt upright, and heard the noise, a low guttural howling, that sounded like something that’s a cross of a sheep and cow, dying very painfully. It sent chills down my spine; needless to say, I didn’t get back to sleep. In the morning, I decided to keep this to myself, as I was probably imagining it, and I didn’t want to worry the others. I regret that now. So we checked the map and found that the next ranger station was only 1 ½ days walk. We set off passing tree after tree and rock after rock. It was a hard trek and soon night began to fall. We went to make camp and I had just lit the fire when I heard it again, the guttural howl. Everyone else heard it too and gathered whatever tools they could find to use as weapons, and moved closer to the fire. Then it came again, louder this time, it was accompanied by, which despite better judgement I will call a bark. And then we saw them, dog like creatures about a metre tall, they had red eyes, clawed paw-like hands and spines running down their back. But by far the most horrifying thing was the fact that they had no fur or ears, just skin covering their whole body and slits for noses. They stood sort of hunched over like a hunchback with no hump. They circled us, watching with their deep red eyes and then they suddenly attacked us, without warning. One leaped at me and Geoff, who had found a place by my side, using the hammer I had found, I swung it, I hit it the creature just under the chin, with enough force to kill any normal dog. However the beast simply recoiled and leapt again this time straight at Geoff, I yelled to him “Into the fire!” and he must have heard me because he grabbed the beast around the neck, and under the stomach and tried to flip it into the fire, but I could tell it was too heavy, so I dashed over to help him, as I did it swung around and snapped at Geoff’s ear, biting the top off it clean off, Geoff yelled but just tightened his grip, I got over there and we flipped it into the fire, where it suddenly combusted and leapt away, still on fire, yelping. I turned to find the other one, but found it too had vanished. I saw my mother collapse, sobbing, and went over to her saying, “It’s alright mum, they, whatever they were have gone now.” She turned to me and replied with tear-filled eyes “No, it’s not that, it’s your father.”  And she pointed to a lump on the ground a few metres away. I went over and found my father, who earlier that day I had been chatting too casually, laying on the ground, his arm had been torn off and it looked as if there were two puncture wounds in his neck. I knew at once he was dead. I collapsed on my knees and felt the tears welling in my eyes, and then I fell sobbing onto his chest. My father was dead.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part I

Alright, to start off, I’m new to this “writing” thing, but as I have had the most practice, and a really good memory so our camp chose me to record its happenings, so I guess I’ll start at the start at the start.
Well it all started with the apocalypse, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami’s the Russian or Chinese or Koreans thought America was causing it, through global warming, or some sort of secret earthquake machine or something, anyway, long story short, they bombed us, nuclear holocaust over the most of America, every main town city and outpost was bombed. But it didn’t stop there, the holocaust tore up the earth, awakening creatures that only existed in myths and legends, and that we thought never existed at all.

I can tell you, they did. So the radiation was so immense, it came across the sea, killing almost every plant and animal out there. Some humans survived, those in bunkers or out at sea at the time. Some of them couldn’t take it, and committed suicide. There were countless abandoned ships and forts, which had simply destroyed themselves from the inside, people went mad killing each other, some went cannibal as human is one of the only uncontaminated meats. In short the world was in chaos.

Now you probably think there was some bonus, like we got special powers or something, but nope, all us survivors got was a shit-hole of a world to live in, with scraps to survive on. Children were taught to use a weapon by the time they could walk; it is a requirement for survival.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Story Idea - USB Found.

Hello Friends and Family.

My USB has been found, and I have come here to tell you plans for the blog.

There will be two new serialized stories.
One is "Insert Civilisation here" a Story about a boy caught in a post apocalyptic world, with him and his family separated from the rest of civilisation, how will they survive? And the frequent monster attacks don't exactly help.

The Second is to be the story of a girl, and her discovery of a child who had been thought missing for weeks, when he shows up at her door. With him in hiding, and her trying to hide this secret, how will they hold up?

Seeing as this will take up a lot of time, I am unsure how much work I will get done on the Vampire Steampunk story, but such is the hazard of writing so much.

Look forward to entertaining you all.
Tyler Morrisson

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello Friends and Family,

Grimm Brothers is now complete, and once I find my USB work on my vampire steampunk novel will begin. This Novel will not be published on this blog, for obvious reasons, I may post a few sections that I particularly like, but other then that is will be top secret.

I will also, once an idea has been thought of, Be writing another Shortish story, roughly the same length as The Grimm Brothers, In order to keep this blog alive, and full of readers :D

Till Next time, Au Revoir.
Tyler Morrisson

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grimm Brothers Part VIII

Aether watched the body slump to the ground and stood, staring at it, then he noticed the blood gushing from his brother's wound, he knelt down to inspect the wound, not caring about soiling his clothes with blood. The bite was deep into the muscle tissue. Aether tore off the sleeve of his shirt. and used it to bind and put pressure on the wound. He picked up his brother's staff and contracted it, sliding it into his pocket.
"Come on Brother, let's get you home."
He picked up his brother, blood already seeping through the makeshift bandage and carried him to the car, the dog corpses outside had begun to smell, which was not an unfamiliar smell to Aether, he strode past them, his eyes glassy and unfocused.
He got to the car, a brief thought crossing his mind: He told me I shouldn't ever drive this car. I'm sure his almost death would qualify as a good reason.
He opened the passenger door, put his brother in the car and checked his pulse. It was slowing, he had to get him to a hospital or somewhere where he could treat him properly.
A hospital would ask too many questions. And he didn't know any mages in this area that could take show him a place where he could get Nether healed.
Then he remembered.
There was a Necromancer's Temple in Wicklow. But they hadn't been to one since they left the Necromancers 40 or so years ago and they usually held a grudge.
He had no choice but to try.
So he drove there, constantly checking on his brother. He was fading.
The streets were mostly empty, with only a few spare late night party-goers driving past, Aether didn't notice them. When he got the he raced to the other side of the car and got his brother, the dead weight was hard to carry, He struggled the the front door and knocked.
A small bespectacled man opened the door, his white face is stark contrast to his dark robes. He recognized them immediately. And prepared snide remark.
"Ah the imfamous younger Grimm brother, Aether, come back to be-"
He noticed the object in Aether's arms.
"You best come inside." His face paled, which was an astounding feat.
The next few minutes went by Aether in a daze, a man came to take Nether, and Aether followed obediently.
They took him down dark corridors, lit sparsely by torches, to a man he only assumed was a doctor.
He took Nether in a room, with a thick black curtain over the door. Aether wasn't allowed to come any further. He sat outside the room, semi-concious for what could have been hours, or only minutes.
Then they let him in.

His brother was lying on a stone slab, his shirt and coat had been removed, and his shoulder was bandaged.
Aether went to stand next to him, and Nether saw him and turned and said.
"You drove my car didn't you?"
Aether flung himself on his brother and hugged him.
Nether winced from the movement of his shoulder. His brother just smiled.
"I'm glad you are alive brother." He said.
"Nether just looked at him and replied "So am I."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grimm Brothers VII

“Well Finally. I mean, what is this, some corny roundabout mystery story?” Aether said, sarcastically.
“Well, If you had of just came straight here, instead of running around town for the most part of a day” Reginald responded, dryly, he had, despite is very tribal appearance, an air of importance around him.
“Oh shut up.” Nether told him. “Who the hell are you and why is there a mark on us? More to the point, why did you put a mark on us?”
“I’m surprised, with all this sleuthing you have been doing, you haven’t figured it out yet?”
Nether thought for a moment. “The Black Hound Bandits. Bluthund, Blood hound. So you are after us because we killed your little gang?”
“Exactly. I have many good traits,” Aether stifled a laugh, to which Bluthund responded with a glare. “But, I will admit, I do hold a grudge, and I am a very stubborn man. And so, I couldn’t just let you get away with it, so I had my dogs track you, I found that little bounty-house of yours and left my card, and a contract, on which, as you know, that pathetic failure, Vicarious, picked up. I knew you would pay me a visit eventually, and so, I could finish you myself.” Whilst he had been talking, Reginald had removed the upper part of his outfit, revealing a lean, muscular forme, and also his shoes placing them next to himself.
“Bring it, Bitch.” Aether told him, grinning manically.
“I take offense to that.” Reginald said coldly and leapt, Launching himself from the staircase, his nails turning in razor sharp claws, his teeth baring to reveal large canine fangs. He crossed the gap between himself and Aether in a second, landing on all fours where the younger brother had been a moment ago.
“So, you are a werewolf then?” Aether asked him, curtly.
Reginald merely snarled. “I think it’s more likely he is an adept” Nether yelled back, Preparing his staff and running at Reginald.
Reginald slashed Aether, slicing him twice on the upper arm, while he tried to move back, and unhook his crossbow. Nether caught up, catching Reginald a glancing blow to calf, the man snarled, and spun on his and leapt. Nether, responding with lightning fast responses, sliced Bluthund across the chest, immediately drawing blood. He landed, panting, then, with a snarl, leapt again, baring his teeth he aimed for Nether’s jugular, he missed, but only just, his teeth clamping through the muscle of Nether’s shoulder, and tearing through, Nether shouted out in agony.
There was a faint click behind them.
Reginald turned to face the glowing black end of Aether’s crossbow.
“When a puppy bites, he has to be put down.” Aether said, his voice devoid of any emotion. And fired a bolt of shadow through Reginald’s face.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


To avid readers of my story on my blog.
I had planned to finish it this weekend, but didn't
I am now going camping, and it won't be finished till next weekend at the latest.

So, you will have to wait.
There is a thrilling conclusion in store for you though.
Have a good Holidays everybody. That is if you are a Queenslanderian.

Peace :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part VI

They took the car out of Dublin, back through the country, heading south, down the M50 and the N11 they drove for almost an hour until they arrived at the stately Manor of 7 Knockrobin Estate, a Brass sign on the gate read “Das Haus der Hunde” They went to open it, But it swung open just as Nether went for the handle.
“Oooh Spoooky” Aether said, making cheesy  ghost noises.
“Quiet Aether.” Nether responded sharply.  And Aether was.
They walked up the path towards the house, A large white building with an extended entrance , with marble columns supporting the roof. There were large bay windows evenly spaced along the front of the house, Aether could see red curtains drawn behind them. The place looked deserted, despite being so well kept.
“Actually, this is rather eerie Aether.” Nether admitted, That is when they heard the dog barks, and the howling.
“You know Nether, those sound like they are getting closer.” Aether said, calmly unhooking his crossbow and expanding it with a click.
“And they don’t sound very friendly.” Nether added, continuing his brother’s mocking tone, Sliding his weapon from his belt and extending it with a satisfying Schwing!
“No, quite ferocious indeed.” Aether concluded.
Then they saw them, a large pack of hounds, Teeth bared and glistening, they were sprinting towards the two brothers, and were certainly not friendly. The two brothers looked at each other, Nodded then leapt into action.
Aether fired a bolt into the largest beast, the shadows brief spread across it’s body, then it slumped the the ground, quite obviously dead. Nether lept, bringing one end of his staff down on another of the wolves. It sliced deftly through, splattering the ground with blood. Then another of the beasts turned on him, he swung, his hit traveling straight through its abdomen. With a sudden rush Nether was knocked to the ground, a beast had jumped and pinned him, him claws tearing through and digging into Nether’s back.
“A little help!” He called to his brother.
His brother spun around after taking out another of the hounds. He fired three shoot, each hitting exactly on the target, felling the beast, right on top of Nether.
“Gee, thanks” He said, heaving the dead weight off of his back.
“Welcome” Aether responded, curtly.
With a flourish nether stood up, taking out a beast, while at the same time, Aether shot the final one through the chest.
Nether walked over to Aether, who had just finished counting.
“9, 10, 11, 12, 13! My lucky number!” He turned to his brother grinning.
“I’m almost insulted, he said in response, I mean, this was obviously going to be a trap, why not make it an effective one?” Nether responded.
“He probably just wanted to injure us.”  Aether told him.
“How do you figure?” Nether asked him, taking of his torn coat an discarding it.
“Well, he hasn’t given his whole, “I’m the bad guy and this is why I hate you” spiel. You know, like in movies?”
“The way you think never ceases to amaze me, Aether.” Nether said to his brother, who responded with a grin.
They walked up to the doors and pushed them open, inside they revealed a large hall with a wide staircase carpeted in thick plush red shag carpet. The rest of the house was bone white, white the exclusion being the scare decorations and painting that hung about the house.
Just then, a thin man with wavy dark blonde hair and a beard walked down the staircase, he was wearing an odd outfit, which vaguely resembled a loose fitting suit, made of animal pelts and fur, on his head sat a wolf’s helm, made from the skin from the head of a wolf. He looked amazingly out of place in these surroundings.
“Ah, the Grimm Brothers, I have been expecting your visit, I hope the welcoming party wasn’t too much for you.” He spoke with a slight German accent, which was only scarcely noticeable. “But I forget my manners, my name is Reginald Bluthund.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Deserts

For the purpose of anonymity we will call these two boys, Boy, and Bully.

Boy walked to school, as he did every morning, dreading the day ahead, it was not the classes, they were easy, or the teachers. But just one boy, one particular student that makes his life misery. He hated Boy, hated him with everything he had, which was usually his fists. The boy was reading on his way to school, he often did this. But this particular morning, on a lovely sunny autumn’s day, Bully came to find the Boy.

He rode up on his bike, skidding, in a way, just to spray gravel all over Boy. It stung his face, and his eyes, but he would not cry, or react, that is what Bully wanted, that tiny yelp of pain, the slight cringe, so he can play on it, make it hurt.
“What’s up?” Bully said, with a grin.
“Not much Bully Walking to school, as you can see” Boy regretted it as soon as he said it. He didn’t mean it to sound smart, but he knew that’s know Bully would take it.
“Being smart are you poindexter? What cha reading?” At this Bully snatched the book from Boy.
“Catch Her in the Rye? Planning on getting kinky in the fields Boy?”
“No, It’s not even about that” Not able to look his enemy in the eye.
“You calling me a liar?”
“What’s that?”
“No!” Boy basically shouted it.
At this Bully delivered a punch into Boy’s gut. Boy fell to the ground, gasping, Tears springing to his eyes.
“It wasn’t even hard. Get up.” Boy did. “What? You going to cry? Little baby going to cry?”
Boy wouldn’t look Bully in the face, would let him see the pain the hurt he feels, wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Bully could see that taunt wouldn’t work, so he tried another.
“You know, Boy, They do say knowledge is power, so why are you so weak? I mean c’mon, swing a punch at me, right here, right on my cheek, c’mon.”
Boy knew it was a taunt, knew he was just trying to hurt him more, but he was angry, at Bully for being the bastard that he was, but more it was at himself for not standing up to Bully. So, he took the punch.
And Bully moved out of the way.
“Wha’cha doing? Trying to punch me?” Boy said, changing his tone.
“Bu- but you said.” Boy stammered.
“Said what? Said you could punch me? Did I really? Would I be that stupid?” Bully moved closer to Boy, they were matched in height yet Bully still seemed to tower over him. “Well! Answer me!” He yelled.
“Yes.” Boy said, defiantly.
“Wrong answer” Bully said, with a sick, twisted grin, and laid into Boy, a punch to his jaw, knocking his glasses off, another to the ribs, a knee to the face, All boy could feel was pain, searing through his body, racing though his mind.
When Bully was done, He rode off, without a word. Boy picked himself up, and pain racking his body, tears springing to his eyes, his head a mess of emotions, decided to skip school, and go home.

Many years later, Boy grew up, and became a Man, He became a prison guard. Contacts to replace his Glasses, magazines replacing novels, Anger replacing all other emotions, He never forgot Bully, and the constant torment he endured that day, the days before, and the days after. He hated him, in a way that could never be replaced. When Bully grew up, he was still a bully, some people never change. He forgot all about Boy, whose life he had made a living hell, whose whole life may have been different if it weren’t for him.

When Bully got arrested for assault he was sent to prison, he was sent to the same prison Boy worked at. When Boy found out, he was so happy. He went to pay Bully a visit. He had gotten bigger since Bully had last seen him, His once “weak” arms, now corded and muscular, His thin, small frame, now wide, and imposing.
“What do you want?” Bully spat, as Boy entered the cell.
“Hello Bully.” Was all the Boy said, it was all that was necessary. Bully’s eyes opened wide, in pure abject terror, He knew the man in front of him. He saw the anger in the man’s eyes, He remembered the pain he had caused him.
“Pleas- please..” He stammered.
But the Boy couldn’t hear him, He was reliving that day. He delivered the same punch to the gut he had received. The same swing to the jaw. And the Bully, He got his just deserts.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part V

The two brothers walked in silence to the car, neither of them said a word, neither of them had to. They drove back through the seedy areas of Dublin, down the streets they had already traveled that very morning.
They got out, and walked up and into Garmand and Co. Mr Garmand greeted them as they walked in.
“Ah, The Grimm Brothers, this is a surprise, I’m afraid there are still no more contacts, I do know how you hate being out of wor-“ Nether cut him off.
“Shut it.” Aether looked at his brother, He was angry, he was hardly ever angry, he was hardly ever anything, he always just had a cool detachment about him. But now, he was angry.
“We just got attack by some idiot in a suit. I believe you are acquainted, A certain Mr Vicarious Splay? You knew this would happen and you didn’t tell us, not once, even though we have been your best clients, for the last five years. You know what, I have half a mind to end your life right now, But you can save yourself. Tell me, who contacted you for the contract?”
“You know I can’t tell you that. And besides, you know you can’t kill me.” Edmund said, smugly.
“You want to talk that chance?” he said, extending his bladestaff, it’s black tendrils hooking and failing from the ends, feeling of it’s owner’s anger.
“Okay, calm down Nether, even if I wanted to tell you, I don’t know,  I don’t think the man who contacted me was the man who ordered it, and he gave no name, no anything, just an address to send the proof of contract, which was to be” he nodded at the weapons “Your bladestaff and crossbow.”
“What was the address? Remember your life depends on it” Nether was back to his cool self, no sign of the anger that had just passed him.
“Um..” Edmund stammered, which was, despite his lisp, uncommon for him, he checked his notebook. “It’s a P.O box..”
“Where?” Nether’s voice was urgent, obviously keen to leave.

Nether looked at him and turned to Aether who pulled out the business card.

Mr Reginald Bluthund
7 Knockrobin Estate

“Well Aether, looks like you were right, time to pay Mr Bluthund a visit.”

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part IV

"Don't see why not" Aether responded sharply, firing several bolts of darkness at Splay, Who promptly snapped his his hands open, propelling himself safely over the shots and landing a few feet away.
"Nifty" Nether said, rushing him, both blades at either end of his staff absorbing the light around it. "My turn"
He spun around, swinging the staff in an arc, catching Vicarious a glancing blow on the arm, Who responded by hurling two fireballs, at Nether. Aether let off another volley of shots, hitting both fireballs, making them fizzle out mid-air.
"You are almost too easy Vicarious, I would have expected more"
"You want more?" Vicarious spat, hurtling at Aether. Pre-empting this aether leapt back, Firing at the ground.
"You missed me, You little bastard."
"Look again" Aether replied cheerfully, grinning.
The darkness had spread across the ground, spreading up Vicarious' legs and binding him there.
"See, the crossbow is just for show, we are necromancers, we control the shadows themselves. not just the objects they are bound too" Aether taunted. He then threw a hard jab into Vicarious' ribs. This made him cough, winding him. Aether followed up with a kick, right into the same spot. There was a faint cracking noise. And Vicarious fell to his knees. the shadows surged over his wrists, binding him there. Nether stalked over, holding one of the blades to Vicarious' throat.
"So, Mr Splay, do tell us, who put out the contract?" He said menacingly.
"They don't tell us, you know that, you are a mercenary"
"I have a feeling this was a special contract."
"It wasn't, I just went and picked it up, just like always, I thought it odd why anyone would want to kill you two, but work's work, and the reward was high enough" He began to cry.
"How much?"
"Two hundred thousand pounds." Vicarious sobbed.
"Well, I'm flattered"

With that, Nether walked away, followed by Aether who jogged up to join him.
"Well, you know who we have to pay a little visit to?"
"Reginald Bluthund?" Aether responded, confused.
"No, he can wait. A certain Mr Edmund Garmand has the information we want."

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part III

Nether sat on the couch, waiting for his brother, and must have dosed off, because when he opened his eyes, Aether's face filled his entire vision.
"Wake up Sleepy. You want a shower or not?"
"Yes, Thanks Aether."
Nether walked off into the bathroom and Aether jumped and laid down on the couch.
"I love this couch" He said, to no-one in particular. Turning on the television, he sat there, gazing at the characters of his favourite cartoon.
When Nether came out of the bathroom, he said to Aether "I don't know how those shows amuse you"
"The jokes are... Funny." Aether responded, not hearing the actual question.
"Well, turn it off, we have to go visit," He said pulling out the card "Mister Reginald Bluthund"
"He has a ridiculous chosen name don't you think? Reginald, Bluthund, Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it? Now our name, stroke of brilliance really"
"Yes, thank you Aether. For the hundredth time."

Dressed and ready, they left the apartment, which, unlike entering it, only involved the pushing of a button. They took the elevator down to the carpark, where, they were greeted at their car by a gentleman who looked as if he had stepped from Victorian London, complete with an accent.
"Hello, My name is Vicarious Splay, and I've been looking for you two, I even brought you a gift" At this he snapped his palms open, spending ripples through the air at the two Grimm Brothers.
"Oh hell." they said in unison, and promptly sent flying back. Doing a twist in the air, Nether landed on his feet, His brother, a bit less co-ordinated, was not so lucky and was left sprawling.
Aether regarded his brother, from the ground. "Vicarious Splay.."
"The guy who took the contract, yes." Nether finished for him.
"So that means.."
"The contract was to kill us" He finished again.
"Stop doing that!" Aether shouted at him. Then, a thought crossing his mind he said, smartly "Well, better he took it then us, I wasn't really in the mood for suicide."
With this he scrambled to his feet, and pulled out his crossbow, which snapped open, with a faint click.
He joined his brother, who already had his weapon out.
"If you family meeting is over," Vicarious called, from across the carpark "Then care to come at me, Brothers?"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part II

“Reginald Bluthund, I see” Aether pronounced, attempting an intelligent voice “No actually, I don’t see at all, someone explain to me?”
“I do believe” Interjected Garmand, annoyingly “That this fellow would request your patronage”
“Yes, thank you Garmand” Nether replied coolly, He had had quite enough of the prude financier. “Well then Aether, I suppose we pay him a visit.”
Nether strode out of the building, not feeling a need to acknowledge Garmand, Aether followed quickly behind with a chirpy “Seeya!”

Nether waited until they got in the car before he spoke.
“Aether, This could be one of two things, either our big break, or, More likely, a trap.”
“But brother, What makes you think it’s a trap?”
“Simple, people haven’t seeked us out before, and we haven’t done anything to make them start now.”
“Ooh, what if this man was related to one of the Black Hound Bandits? And he’s like, seeking us out to enact his revenge?”
“Either way Brother, it would be a trap.” Nether looked in the rear-view mirror, dirt smeared his face,  fleck of splattered blood showing that he was dirty from a fight, not just some kind of tumble.
“Although, we do need to clean up a bit beforehand, if this fellow is as fancy as his card suggests” Nether shuddered at the thought, he disliked anyone who thought money gave them power, especially if they did nothing to earn the money.
“That’s true brother, you do look like crap” Nether turned to look at him and shook his head, Aether laughed.

They drove out of the darker suburbs, and into the nicer parts of town, manicured lawns, neat gardens, uniform houses. They came to a high rise apartment block, sticking out like a sore thumb in the crowd, it was first of many planned. They parked in the underground car-park, got out and took the elevator to the top floor, on the way, Aether chatted at Nether about how he liked Elevator music, Nether looked at his brother and smiled. He never stopped amazing him, between them they had killed scores of men, their deaths fuelling their own necromancy, and they had seen horrors committed while hunting down murderers. Yet here was Aether chatting away about elevator music.  Nether laughed to himself. Noticing this, Aether questioned him “What’s so funny Brother?”
“Nothing Little Brother” Nether replied with a grin.
Aether thought to himself, “My brother can sure be weird sometimes.”

They reached to top floor, and stepped into a narrow corridor, furnished with bare cream walls and lush Blood-red carpet. Opposite them was a massive door, their front door.
“After you” Aether motioned to his brother with a grin. They never got tired of their door, custom made and magically sealed, only two necromancers could open it.
Nether pulled out and extended his staff, the blades glowing black as the shadowy tendrils fell from them. He spun around, spinning the staff around him and plunged it into a slot in the door, Behind him, Aether unhooked his crossbow, and fired a shadowy bolt directly at his brother. Halfway before impact it split, into twelve smaller shards, embedding themselves into the door, the same positions as a clock. Nether twisted his staff and the door swung open.

Aether turned to his brother. “I love our door” He said, a huge smile spreading from cheek to cheek. They both walked inside and collapsed on the couch inside their luxurious apartment with a sigh. Then suddenly, Aether jumped up, running into the bathroom shouting “I call first shower!”

Nether smiled, that boy will never get any older. He looked around him, taking in the apartment. The same red carpet from in the hall could be seen here, but the walls instead of the cream as outside were painted a deep complimentary brown, with the trimming on the few windows a rich gold. Their hardly used kitchen was spotless, as usual, its marble benches gleaming. Nether felt pride as he looked around, he and his brother had worked for the money to pay for this.

- Tyler Morrisson 31st March 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part I

Nether pulled his staff from the final bandit, frowning as it got caught on his tough leather armour.
“Well that was fun” His brother chirped in.
“You might call it that.” Nether responded, looking at his brother and retracting his staff and sliding it onto his belt. He knelt down to retrieve something from the body and wrapping it in a fold of dark cloth he pulled from one of his many pockets. “Let’s go” He said turning to leave.
“Hey Brother?” Aether said, always inquisitive.
“Yes Aether?” Came the reply.
“I was thinking, when are we going to get out of this contract work, I mean it’s just too easy.”
Nether turned to look at his brother, covered in blood and sweat from their fight he looked horrible, his jet black hair even messier in his ponytail than usual, yet despite all this, that same quirky grin he had always had was fixed on his lips.
“Only you Brother, Would want to quit a job because the work is too easy”
“Y’know me, always looking for a challenge, up and ready for a fight” At this, He ran up beside Nether, miming a fisticuff with an invisible opponent. This managed to cause Nether to crack one of his rare smiles.
“How did I ever get stuck with you?” He asked.
“Well you see,” Aether eagerly responded, raising up his two pointer finger to act as puppets. “When a man meets a woman, and they love each other very much…”
“Alright alright, I get it.”
By this time they had reached Nether’s car, a black 1960’s Corvette, in perfect condition. He looked at it admiringly, as he did every time he saw it; they walked up and got in. They drove in relative silence, with Aether humming a small diddy. They passed through the countryside, And into more populated areas, until eventually they were back In Dublin. Nether drove carefully, as he always did, Down some less respectable streets in the darker parts of town, or that is how they seemed to those not in the know. In reality the streets were filled with mages, and all kinds of creatures, cloaked by magic. They pulled up outside a no descript brownstone building, the only markings a small brass sign saying is cursive script:
Garmand and Co
To outsiders, this building is known as the home to the rather unsuccessful Lawyer’s Firm, Garmand and Co, However it is actually the least known, but best, mercenary trade-post in Dublin. The Grimm Brothers entered the building, the door opening with the jingle of a small bell. Upon arrival they were immediately Greeted by Mr Edmund Garmand, Financeer and Owner, as his nameplate so proudly proclaimed.
“You have returned, and so fast I might add” Garmand said to the brothers, his slight lisp irritating Nether, as it always has.
“We have indeed, Here is the proof of contract” Nether said handing him the clothed wrapped package. Meanwhile, his brother casually wandered the foyer, examining everything as if he had never been here before, despite this being his 50th visit exactly.
Garmand un-wrapped the package revealing strip of leather the size of his palm patched with the initials of B. H. B. on a ribbon, with a black furred wolf backing it. It was the insignia for the Black Hound Bandits, now all deceased.
“I see, thank you very much” He said, pocketing the insignia, and opening the nearby briefcase. “So that was £2000,” He said, handing a wad of cash to Nether, “It has been a pleasure doing business with you both”“Are there any other contracts?” Nether asked, hating to be left with nothing to do.
“Not at the moment, a man by the name of..” At this he paused checking his ever present notebook “Vicarius Splay, just picked up my last one, However this did come for you” He told Nether, Pulling a Thick black envelope from an inner pocket in his coat and handed it to the older Grimm Brother.
At this Aether’s ears perked up and he dived for the envelope, intercepting it and tearing it open, from inside a Black business card fell out. He picked it up, on it was simply written in fine gold print.
Tyler Morrisson Sunday, 26th March 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thought I would begin

Today, I plan to start my Skulduggery Pleasant Short Story, It shall be a tale of two necromancer brothers, Nether and Aether Grimm.

Nether is, contradictory to his name, a very serious fellow, With short dark hair, a stern mouth and a level head, he is the older of the two brothers with his necromantic powers imbued in a Extendible Blade-staff.
His brother is practically his polar opposite, Wielding a collapsible crossbow, he is constantly happy, always making jokes, and playing the optimist, His keeps his long hair back in a loose ponytail, and is rarely found without some kind of grin on his face.

Despite their personalities, they are closer then many would think, always watching each others back, they have been working as mercenaries ever since they both left their Temple, some 40 years ago. Both are very competent necromancers, wielding their imbued weapons with a long accustomed ease.

Sound good?


Monday, February 21, 2011

Intro to a Steam-punk vampire

The following is the first paragraph or so of the prologue of my Novel.

The door to the dark back-alley Alehouse flew open. The man ran out, turning left now a dark lane, he splashed through the puddles, evidence that it had rained earlier that day. Taking a left, he realised he was lost, but knew he had to keep running or else, whoever, whatever was chasing him would find him. At this thought, he sprinted, taking lefts, rights, pretty much anything to throw of his pursuers. The town houses and shops passed him by, Apartment block, cafes, mechanics, all hurtling past, he paid them no heed. But when something is chasing you at high speed in early hours of the morning through the dark alleys and forgotten areas of London that tends to happen. The man ducked into a small alcove just outside a shop to catch his breath, He looked down at himself, leaning on his knees. He was drenched in sweat, his short dark hair, plastered to his scalp, and, he stunk. Once his breathing had died down, the man came to a realisation; there was no sound, no footfall, and no shouts of pursuit. In fact, if anything, there was merely an absence of sound, none of the usual sounds of London could be heard, late night carriages taking their drunken patrons home, no distant thrum of machinery under his feet. It was dead silent.

Tyler Morrisson
Monday 21st Feburary 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Evening Friends

I welcome you to "Writing and all that entrails", My blog about my writing, short stories and various other knickknacks.

My personal blog is found here

Now, continue reading as I invite you into my mind, and the various worlds it holds.

Some upcoming projects:

A steampunk vampire novel, set in London

A short story about the two Brothers Nether and Aether Grimm, Set in Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant universe.

And many more (hopefully)

Thank you Friends,
Tyler Morrisson