Monday, April 11, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part VI

They took the car out of Dublin, back through the country, heading south, down the M50 and the N11 they drove for almost an hour until they arrived at the stately Manor of 7 Knockrobin Estate, a Brass sign on the gate read “Das Haus der Hunde” They went to open it, But it swung open just as Nether went for the handle.
“Oooh Spoooky” Aether said, making cheesy  ghost noises.
“Quiet Aether.” Nether responded sharply.  And Aether was.
They walked up the path towards the house, A large white building with an extended entrance , with marble columns supporting the roof. There were large bay windows evenly spaced along the front of the house, Aether could see red curtains drawn behind them. The place looked deserted, despite being so well kept.
“Actually, this is rather eerie Aether.” Nether admitted, That is when they heard the dog barks, and the howling.
“You know Nether, those sound like they are getting closer.” Aether said, calmly unhooking his crossbow and expanding it with a click.
“And they don’t sound very friendly.” Nether added, continuing his brother’s mocking tone, Sliding his weapon from his belt and extending it with a satisfying Schwing!
“No, quite ferocious indeed.” Aether concluded.
Then they saw them, a large pack of hounds, Teeth bared and glistening, they were sprinting towards the two brothers, and were certainly not friendly. The two brothers looked at each other, Nodded then leapt into action.
Aether fired a bolt into the largest beast, the shadows brief spread across it’s body, then it slumped the the ground, quite obviously dead. Nether lept, bringing one end of his staff down on another of the wolves. It sliced deftly through, splattering the ground with blood. Then another of the beasts turned on him, he swung, his hit traveling straight through its abdomen. With a sudden rush Nether was knocked to the ground, a beast had jumped and pinned him, him claws tearing through and digging into Nether’s back.
“A little help!” He called to his brother.
His brother spun around after taking out another of the hounds. He fired three shoot, each hitting exactly on the target, felling the beast, right on top of Nether.
“Gee, thanks” He said, heaving the dead weight off of his back.
“Welcome” Aether responded, curtly.
With a flourish nether stood up, taking out a beast, while at the same time, Aether shot the final one through the chest.
Nether walked over to Aether, who had just finished counting.
“9, 10, 11, 12, 13! My lucky number!” He turned to his brother grinning.
“I’m almost insulted, he said in response, I mean, this was obviously going to be a trap, why not make it an effective one?” Nether responded.
“He probably just wanted to injure us.”  Aether told him.
“How do you figure?” Nether asked him, taking of his torn coat an discarding it.
“Well, he hasn’t given his whole, “I’m the bad guy and this is why I hate you” spiel. You know, like in movies?”
“The way you think never ceases to amaze me, Aether.” Nether said to his brother, who responded with a grin.
They walked up to the doors and pushed them open, inside they revealed a large hall with a wide staircase carpeted in thick plush red shag carpet. The rest of the house was bone white, white the exclusion being the scare decorations and painting that hung about the house.
Just then, a thin man with wavy dark blonde hair and a beard walked down the staircase, he was wearing an odd outfit, which vaguely resembled a loose fitting suit, made of animal pelts and fur, on his head sat a wolf’s helm, made from the skin from the head of a wolf. He looked amazingly out of place in these surroundings.
“Ah, the Grimm Brothers, I have been expecting your visit, I hope the welcoming party wasn’t too much for you.” He spoke with a slight German accent, which was only scarcely noticeable. “But I forget my manners, my name is Reginald Bluthund.”

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