Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part V

The two brothers walked in silence to the car, neither of them said a word, neither of them had to. They drove back through the seedy areas of Dublin, down the streets they had already traveled that very morning.
They got out, and walked up and into Garmand and Co. Mr Garmand greeted them as they walked in.
“Ah, The Grimm Brothers, this is a surprise, I’m afraid there are still no more contacts, I do know how you hate being out of wor-“ Nether cut him off.
“Shut it.” Aether looked at his brother, He was angry, he was hardly ever angry, he was hardly ever anything, he always just had a cool detachment about him. But now, he was angry.
“We just got attack by some idiot in a suit. I believe you are acquainted, A certain Mr Vicarious Splay? You knew this would happen and you didn’t tell us, not once, even though we have been your best clients, for the last five years. You know what, I have half a mind to end your life right now, But you can save yourself. Tell me, who contacted you for the contract?”
“You know I can’t tell you that. And besides, you know you can’t kill me.” Edmund said, smugly.
“You want to talk that chance?” he said, extending his bladestaff, it’s black tendrils hooking and failing from the ends, feeling of it’s owner’s anger.
“Okay, calm down Nether, even if I wanted to tell you, I don’t know,  I don’t think the man who contacted me was the man who ordered it, and he gave no name, no anything, just an address to send the proof of contract, which was to be” he nodded at the weapons “Your bladestaff and crossbow.”
“What was the address? Remember your life depends on it” Nether was back to his cool self, no sign of the anger that had just passed him.
“Um..” Edmund stammered, which was, despite his lisp, uncommon for him, he checked his notebook. “It’s a P.O box..”
“Where?” Nether’s voice was urgent, obviously keen to leave.

Nether looked at him and turned to Aether who pulled out the business card.

Mr Reginald Bluthund
7 Knockrobin Estate

“Well Aether, looks like you were right, time to pay Mr Bluthund a visit.”