Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Filming and Acting,



I have been rather busy of late, with school, Theatre, friends, assignments and the lot.
Rather pissed off this week for two reasons:
mum got sick and cancelled an awesome party that was planned.
and I was mean't to have finished filming for my FTV assignment this weekend, but only Zoee` could be bothered being in it (thank you again btw) And so, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all couldn't work out, and now the only person I have to be in it won't be able to until probably Monday..
I need to get the filming done, or else I'm going to fail this assignment, and it's stressing me out.

On a more positive note, I auditioned for Guys and Dolls at the playhouse and got in.
I have the role of Rusty Charlie, One of the gangsters.
Two rehearsals down so far, 16 more to go.
Should be a great show.

You should all come and see it.
Well, That's all for now,
Roger M. Stuff.

Insert Civilisation Here Part IV

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and relieved that we had found people, but, I didn’t know whether to trust them or not. I left my tent and saw Maria and her daughters sitting by the fire, which was still smoking. I walked over and said hello, and we started to talk. The conversation got onto how they got here, and Maria told me “Well my husband is Rod, We were holidaying with him at a local ranger station, so we could get out of the city, and he could continue working, that was just before the bombs hit, and when they did, Rod radioed Terry here, and within a day and a half we got here, and have been camping here ever since.”
“Since then, have you had any, encounters, with the cuprah cobra”, I struggled with the word.
“Chupracabra”, Maria finished.
“Yes those”, I said softly.
“Well, a couple of days into us staying here, we started to hear sounds, and a couple of days later they attacked, they took another cop that was here and”,-Just then, Terry came running up with a serious expression, but then it changed, and he was happy again, he just said “Hi guys”, and sat down, Maria stopped talking and we changed the subject onto stuff about me and what I did before coming here, such as my school and where we lived. Then, we were joined by Vera who came over, we could tell by her face something was up, because, everyone stopped talking.
“I heard some noises, just before, I didn’t know whether I should come tell you or not.”
“Always come tell us Vera, but the sun is up now, and they wouldn’t dare attack, but maybe tonight, that’s the way it went last time.” Terry’s voice trailed off. I had an idea.
“What if we set up some defences?”
“Defences?” Terry asked.
“Yeah you know, cut down some trees, and sharpen them, set up a defence line, and light more than one fire, they hate it, and their greasy skin is flammable.”
“How do you know that?” Maria piped in.
“I thought Geoff would have told you... We threw one into the fire when we encountered them, he lit up really fast.”
“I think this boy is onto something Terry”, I didn’t enjoy being called boy, but Vera didn’t notice and continued, “We have enough people here to do it in a day, and plus, it can’t do any harm, and it gives us something to do.”
“Alright, we’ll do it Will, but you had better be right. I don’t feel too good about cutting down these trees.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part III

Everyone was miserable and shocked after that, my mother, who even though it all had tried to be happy, slowly slipped into despondency. She didn’t speak to anyone in days. Geoff was the least affected but, he was still depressed because it reminded him of his parents, and also mostly preoccupied looking after his ear, or what was left of it. I was still in shock, I couldn’t comprehend it. But, worst of all was Alice just kept asking us where daddy was, no one had the heart to tell her. We buried him when she was asleep.  We camped there for a few day before we decided to head off, funny thing was that it wasn’t much of a decision, we just all started packing up, mum packing Alice’s stuff and so on. I think it was Geoff who checked the map and started walking. We all followed, I’m not sure about details from there on because it was just a blur, but eventually we made it to the ranger’s camp. It was occupied, there were at least 7 or 8 people there, and by the looks of them 3 or 4 we’re rangers, one was a cop and there was another family, a single mother with 2 daughters, 8 and 12 by the looks of them. They had set up a kind of shanty town around the hut from tents and makeshift shelters.  How strange we must have looked walking in from the woods, two teenage boys, one with a bandage around his head, the other covered in dirt and mud, a middle aged brunette woman carrying a young girl of 5. All looking like they had walked through hell and back. We felt like it too. They all turned when they heard us coming, a few of the men aiming their guns. They lowered them again when they saw us. Two of them ran over to help us with our stuff. The first was one of the rangers still in uniform, he looked mid 30’s with dirty blonde hair, and he had a slight Irish accent. He introduced himself as Terry and told us that this was his Ranger’s station before the apocalypse and that they set up camp here, safety in numbers and all that. The other man he introduced as Roger, who was a cop, he was younger maybe 25-26 with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. They helped us carry our packs over and settled us in setting up our tents and sleeping bags for us. I’m not too sure about the others but I just went straight to sleep. That was about mid-afternoon about 3-4ish. I woke up later that night; everyone was talking around the campfire. I saw Geoff was already awake. Everyone stopped talking as I walked over and sat down. Terry broke the silence saying “Geoff here was just telling us about how you got here and your encounter with two Chupracabra.”
 “Chupra whatra?” I replied.
“Chupracabra”, Geoff interrupted “That’s what those monsters that we saw are.”
 “Monster is right”, Terry said “People used to think they didn’t exist, until now and even then I’m not sure how many people know about them.”
There was silence again, till Terry broke it for the second time. “But we can talk about that later, let me introduce everyone else. This is Maria.” He said motioning to the mother, “And these are her two girls, Belle and Jennifer”, Doing the same to the girls, first the younger than the older.
“Hello”, Maria said. She had a very strong Hispanic accent.
“Roger, you have met, and these are my fellow Forest Rangers. Rodriguez, though, you can call him Rod, we all do. Peter and Vera”, He continued showing my attention to the other two sitting by the fire, one was a rather big man, with no hair. The other was African American woman with curly hair.
“Hi”, they all said in turn.
“Hello”, I said in reply.
“And you are?” Terry asked.
I was amazed Geoff hadn’t told them our names, “Will” I said, “and my mum, Julia and my sister Alice sleeping over there. And I can see you have met my best friend Geoff.”
“We have indeed, well it’s getting late and we should be heading in. Rod, you and Peter are on first watch tonight, wake me and Vera when you want to be relieved. The rest of you, into bed”, Terry told us. He seemed to have authority. We said our goodnights and went off to our respective shelters.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part II

I came to the camp roughly 3 months ago; See I was camping at the time of the apocalypse with my best friend, Geoff, My mum and dad, and my younger sister, Alice. We saw the explosions. We were in Copper Falls State Park in Wisconsin. And honestly, I don’t know how we survived. It must have been the densely wooded trees that stopped the radiation or something. We decided to stay put, we had planned a long camping trip, a good month or so, and we could get supplies from the area around us. There were plenty of trees, and a river close by, full of fish which we found was the only uncontaminated food we could get. We stayed at the camp most the time, and talked about what could have happened. Geoff was freaking out, and worried sick about his parents. I tried to calm him down by telling him that his parents are probably alright, that was probably the wrong thing to say because he went off and yelled at me about, did I see the size of the explosion? And it’s easy for me to say, I know that my parents are fine, and to finish off his statement, he punched me square in the face. Anyway I’m getting off topic, I think by about the 2 and a half months mark, we decided that we had to find civilisation, and other people. So we packed up out camp, which was surprisingly easier than it was when we left. Because, we had eaten most of the food we brought, and all we had were tents, and the makeshift tools. We knew there were ranger camps all through the woods, and decided to find one using the map we had. We headed to the closest one, a day’s journey directly south. When we got there we found it locked. So my father smashed the lock open, with a rock he found nearby. Inside, it was filled with provisions, and we were all very tired, so we set up camp there. Unfortunately, there were only 3 beds and I drew the short straw. And I had to sleep on the floor. It was that night that I had my first “encounter” with one of the creatures I mentioned earlier. It must have been about 3am and I sat bolt upright, and heard the noise, a low guttural howling, that sounded like something that’s a cross of a sheep and cow, dying very painfully. It sent chills down my spine; needless to say, I didn’t get back to sleep. In the morning, I decided to keep this to myself, as I was probably imagining it, and I didn’t want to worry the others. I regret that now. So we checked the map and found that the next ranger station was only 1 ½ days walk. We set off passing tree after tree and rock after rock. It was a hard trek and soon night began to fall. We went to make camp and I had just lit the fire when I heard it again, the guttural howl. Everyone else heard it too and gathered whatever tools they could find to use as weapons, and moved closer to the fire. Then it came again, louder this time, it was accompanied by, which despite better judgement I will call a bark. And then we saw them, dog like creatures about a metre tall, they had red eyes, clawed paw-like hands and spines running down their back. But by far the most horrifying thing was the fact that they had no fur or ears, just skin covering their whole body and slits for noses. They stood sort of hunched over like a hunchback with no hump. They circled us, watching with their deep red eyes and then they suddenly attacked us, without warning. One leaped at me and Geoff, who had found a place by my side, using the hammer I had found, I swung it, I hit it the creature just under the chin, with enough force to kill any normal dog. However the beast simply recoiled and leapt again this time straight at Geoff, I yelled to him “Into the fire!” and he must have heard me because he grabbed the beast around the neck, and under the stomach and tried to flip it into the fire, but I could tell it was too heavy, so I dashed over to help him, as I did it swung around and snapped at Geoff’s ear, biting the top off it clean off, Geoff yelled but just tightened his grip, I got over there and we flipped it into the fire, where it suddenly combusted and leapt away, still on fire, yelping. I turned to find the other one, but found it too had vanished. I saw my mother collapse, sobbing, and went over to her saying, “It’s alright mum, they, whatever they were have gone now.” She turned to me and replied with tear-filled eyes “No, it’s not that, it’s your father.”  And she pointed to a lump on the ground a few metres away. I went over and found my father, who earlier that day I had been chatting too casually, laying on the ground, his arm had been torn off and it looked as if there were two puncture wounds in his neck. I knew at once he was dead. I collapsed on my knees and felt the tears welling in my eyes, and then I fell sobbing onto his chest. My father was dead.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part I

Alright, to start off, I’m new to this “writing” thing, but as I have had the most practice, and a really good memory so our camp chose me to record its happenings, so I guess I’ll start at the start at the start.
Well it all started with the apocalypse, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami’s the Russian or Chinese or Koreans thought America was causing it, through global warming, or some sort of secret earthquake machine or something, anyway, long story short, they bombed us, nuclear holocaust over the most of America, every main town city and outpost was bombed. But it didn’t stop there, the holocaust tore up the earth, awakening creatures that only existed in myths and legends, and that we thought never existed at all.

I can tell you, they did. So the radiation was so immense, it came across the sea, killing almost every plant and animal out there. Some humans survived, those in bunkers or out at sea at the time. Some of them couldn’t take it, and committed suicide. There were countless abandoned ships and forts, which had simply destroyed themselves from the inside, people went mad killing each other, some went cannibal as human is one of the only uncontaminated meats. In short the world was in chaos.

Now you probably think there was some bonus, like we got special powers or something, but nope, all us survivors got was a shit-hole of a world to live in, with scraps to survive on. Children were taught to use a weapon by the time they could walk; it is a requirement for survival.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Story Idea - USB Found.

Hello Friends and Family.

My USB has been found, and I have come here to tell you plans for the blog.

There will be two new serialized stories.
One is "Insert Civilisation here" a Story about a boy caught in a post apocalyptic world, with him and his family separated from the rest of civilisation, how will they survive? And the frequent monster attacks don't exactly help.

The Second is to be the story of a girl, and her discovery of a child who had been thought missing for weeks, when he shows up at her door. With him in hiding, and her trying to hide this secret, how will they hold up?

Seeing as this will take up a lot of time, I am unsure how much work I will get done on the Vampire Steampunk story, but such is the hazard of writing so much.

Look forward to entertaining you all.
Tyler Morrisson

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hello Friends and Family,

Grimm Brothers is now complete, and once I find my USB work on my vampire steampunk novel will begin. This Novel will not be published on this blog, for obvious reasons, I may post a few sections that I particularly like, but other then that is will be top secret.

I will also, once an idea has been thought of, Be writing another Shortish story, roughly the same length as The Grimm Brothers, In order to keep this blog alive, and full of readers :D

Till Next time, Au Revoir.
Tyler Morrisson