Sunday, May 8, 2011

Insert Civilisation Here Part I

Alright, to start off, I’m new to this “writing” thing, but as I have had the most practice, and a really good memory so our camp chose me to record its happenings, so I guess I’ll start at the start at the start.
Well it all started with the apocalypse, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami’s the Russian or Chinese or Koreans thought America was causing it, through global warming, or some sort of secret earthquake machine or something, anyway, long story short, they bombed us, nuclear holocaust over the most of America, every main town city and outpost was bombed. But it didn’t stop there, the holocaust tore up the earth, awakening creatures that only existed in myths and legends, and that we thought never existed at all.

I can tell you, they did. So the radiation was so immense, it came across the sea, killing almost every plant and animal out there. Some humans survived, those in bunkers or out at sea at the time. Some of them couldn’t take it, and committed suicide. There were countless abandoned ships and forts, which had simply destroyed themselves from the inside, people went mad killing each other, some went cannibal as human is one of the only uncontaminated meats. In short the world was in chaos.

Now you probably think there was some bonus, like we got special powers or something, but nope, all us survivors got was a shit-hole of a world to live in, with scraps to survive on. Children were taught to use a weapon by the time they could walk; it is a requirement for survival.

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