Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Story Idea - USB Found.

Hello Friends and Family.

My USB has been found, and I have come here to tell you plans for the blog.

There will be two new serialized stories.
One is "Insert Civilisation here" a Story about a boy caught in a post apocalyptic world, with him and his family separated from the rest of civilisation, how will they survive? And the frequent monster attacks don't exactly help.

The Second is to be the story of a girl, and her discovery of a child who had been thought missing for weeks, when he shows up at her door. With him in hiding, and her trying to hide this secret, how will they hold up?

Seeing as this will take up a lot of time, I am unsure how much work I will get done on the Vampire Steampunk story, but such is the hazard of writing so much.

Look forward to entertaining you all.
Tyler Morrisson


  1. Sounds like two awesome ideas :D Ive already read something like the first one in drama didnt I? Or is that a different story?

  2. I still have that "Insert Civilisation Here" story. It was still on Old Red when you gave it back.