Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Filming and Acting,



I have been rather busy of late, with school, Theatre, friends, assignments and the lot.
Rather pissed off this week for two reasons:
mum got sick and cancelled an awesome party that was planned.
and I was mean't to have finished filming for my FTV assignment this weekend, but only Zoee` could be bothered being in it (thank you again btw) And so, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all couldn't work out, and now the only person I have to be in it won't be able to until probably Monday..
I need to get the filming done, or else I'm going to fail this assignment, and it's stressing me out.

On a more positive note, I auditioned for Guys and Dolls at the playhouse and got in.
I have the role of Rusty Charlie, One of the gangsters.
Two rehearsals down so far, 16 more to go.
Should be a great show.

You should all come and see it.
Well, That's all for now,
Roger M. Stuff.

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