Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grimm Brothers Part VIII

Aether watched the body slump to the ground and stood, staring at it, then he noticed the blood gushing from his brother's wound, he knelt down to inspect the wound, not caring about soiling his clothes with blood. The bite was deep into the muscle tissue. Aether tore off the sleeve of his shirt. and used it to bind and put pressure on the wound. He picked up his brother's staff and contracted it, sliding it into his pocket.
"Come on Brother, let's get you home."
He picked up his brother, blood already seeping through the makeshift bandage and carried him to the car, the dog corpses outside had begun to smell, which was not an unfamiliar smell to Aether, he strode past them, his eyes glassy and unfocused.
He got to the car, a brief thought crossing his mind: He told me I shouldn't ever drive this car. I'm sure his almost death would qualify as a good reason.
He opened the passenger door, put his brother in the car and checked his pulse. It was slowing, he had to get him to a hospital or somewhere where he could treat him properly.
A hospital would ask too many questions. And he didn't know any mages in this area that could take show him a place where he could get Nether healed.
Then he remembered.
There was a Necromancer's Temple in Wicklow. But they hadn't been to one since they left the Necromancers 40 or so years ago and they usually held a grudge.
He had no choice but to try.
So he drove there, constantly checking on his brother. He was fading.
The streets were mostly empty, with only a few spare late night party-goers driving past, Aether didn't notice them. When he got the he raced to the other side of the car and got his brother, the dead weight was hard to carry, He struggled the the front door and knocked.
A small bespectacled man opened the door, his white face is stark contrast to his dark robes. He recognized them immediately. And prepared snide remark.
"Ah the imfamous younger Grimm brother, Aether, come back to be-"
He noticed the object in Aether's arms.
"You best come inside." His face paled, which was an astounding feat.
The next few minutes went by Aether in a daze, a man came to take Nether, and Aether followed obediently.
They took him down dark corridors, lit sparsely by torches, to a man he only assumed was a doctor.
He took Nether in a room, with a thick black curtain over the door. Aether wasn't allowed to come any further. He sat outside the room, semi-concious for what could have been hours, or only minutes.
Then they let him in.

His brother was lying on a stone slab, his shirt and coat had been removed, and his shoulder was bandaged.
Aether went to stand next to him, and Nether saw him and turned and said.
"You drove my car didn't you?"
Aether flung himself on his brother and hugged him.
Nether winced from the movement of his shoulder. His brother just smiled.
"I'm glad you are alive brother." He said.
"Nether just looked at him and replied "So am I."


  1. Quite an awesome story! Loved it. You should write more too it :D Like another story with the two.

  2. Glad you guys liked it.
    I'm not sure whether I will another Grimm brothers tale, or a different short story..

    I was thinking something more realistic.