Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Grimm Brothers VII

“Well Finally. I mean, what is this, some corny roundabout mystery story?” Aether said, sarcastically.
“Well, If you had of just came straight here, instead of running around town for the most part of a day” Reginald responded, dryly, he had, despite is very tribal appearance, an air of importance around him.
“Oh shut up.” Nether told him. “Who the hell are you and why is there a mark on us? More to the point, why did you put a mark on us?”
“I’m surprised, with all this sleuthing you have been doing, you haven’t figured it out yet?”
Nether thought for a moment. “The Black Hound Bandits. Bluthund, Blood hound. So you are after us because we killed your little gang?”
“Exactly. I have many good traits,” Aether stifled a laugh, to which Bluthund responded with a glare. “But, I will admit, I do hold a grudge, and I am a very stubborn man. And so, I couldn’t just let you get away with it, so I had my dogs track you, I found that little bounty-house of yours and left my card, and a contract, on which, as you know, that pathetic failure, Vicarious, picked up. I knew you would pay me a visit eventually, and so, I could finish you myself.” Whilst he had been talking, Reginald had removed the upper part of his outfit, revealing a lean, muscular forme, and also his shoes placing them next to himself.
“Bring it, Bitch.” Aether told him, grinning manically.
“I take offense to that.” Reginald said coldly and leapt, Launching himself from the staircase, his nails turning in razor sharp claws, his teeth baring to reveal large canine fangs. He crossed the gap between himself and Aether in a second, landing on all fours where the younger brother had been a moment ago.
“So, you are a werewolf then?” Aether asked him, curtly.
Reginald merely snarled. “I think it’s more likely he is an adept” Nether yelled back, Preparing his staff and running at Reginald.
Reginald slashed Aether, slicing him twice on the upper arm, while he tried to move back, and unhook his crossbow. Nether caught up, catching Reginald a glancing blow to calf, the man snarled, and spun on his and leapt. Nether, responding with lightning fast responses, sliced Bluthund across the chest, immediately drawing blood. He landed, panting, then, with a snarl, leapt again, baring his teeth he aimed for Nether’s jugular, he missed, but only just, his teeth clamping through the muscle of Nether’s shoulder, and tearing through, Nether shouted out in agony.
There was a faint click behind them.
Reginald turned to face the glowing black end of Aether’s crossbow.
“When a puppy bites, he has to be put down.” Aether said, his voice devoid of any emotion. And fired a bolt of shadow through Reginald’s face.

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