Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Deserts

For the purpose of anonymity we will call these two boys, Boy, and Bully.

Boy walked to school, as he did every morning, dreading the day ahead, it was not the classes, they were easy, or the teachers. But just one boy, one particular student that makes his life misery. He hated Boy, hated him with everything he had, which was usually his fists. The boy was reading on his way to school, he often did this. But this particular morning, on a lovely sunny autumn’s day, Bully came to find the Boy.

He rode up on his bike, skidding, in a way, just to spray gravel all over Boy. It stung his face, and his eyes, but he would not cry, or react, that is what Bully wanted, that tiny yelp of pain, the slight cringe, so he can play on it, make it hurt.
“What’s up?” Bully said, with a grin.
“Not much Bully Walking to school, as you can see” Boy regretted it as soon as he said it. He didn’t mean it to sound smart, but he knew that’s know Bully would take it.
“Being smart are you poindexter? What cha reading?” At this Bully snatched the book from Boy.
“Catch Her in the Rye? Planning on getting kinky in the fields Boy?”
“No, It’s not even about that” Not able to look his enemy in the eye.
“You calling me a liar?”
“What’s that?”
“No!” Boy basically shouted it.
At this Bully delivered a punch into Boy’s gut. Boy fell to the ground, gasping, Tears springing to his eyes.
“It wasn’t even hard. Get up.” Boy did. “What? You going to cry? Little baby going to cry?”
Boy wouldn’t look Bully in the face, would let him see the pain the hurt he feels, wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Bully could see that taunt wouldn’t work, so he tried another.
“You know, Boy, They do say knowledge is power, so why are you so weak? I mean c’mon, swing a punch at me, right here, right on my cheek, c’mon.”
Boy knew it was a taunt, knew he was just trying to hurt him more, but he was angry, at Bully for being the bastard that he was, but more it was at himself for not standing up to Bully. So, he took the punch.
And Bully moved out of the way.
“Wha’cha doing? Trying to punch me?” Boy said, changing his tone.
“Bu- but you said.” Boy stammered.
“Said what? Said you could punch me? Did I really? Would I be that stupid?” Bully moved closer to Boy, they were matched in height yet Bully still seemed to tower over him. “Well! Answer me!” He yelled.
“Yes.” Boy said, defiantly.
“Wrong answer” Bully said, with a sick, twisted grin, and laid into Boy, a punch to his jaw, knocking his glasses off, another to the ribs, a knee to the face, All boy could feel was pain, searing through his body, racing though his mind.
When Bully was done, He rode off, without a word. Boy picked himself up, and pain racking his body, tears springing to his eyes, his head a mess of emotions, decided to skip school, and go home.

Many years later, Boy grew up, and became a Man, He became a prison guard. Contacts to replace his Glasses, magazines replacing novels, Anger replacing all other emotions, He never forgot Bully, and the constant torment he endured that day, the days before, and the days after. He hated him, in a way that could never be replaced. When Bully grew up, he was still a bully, some people never change. He forgot all about Boy, whose life he had made a living hell, whose whole life may have been different if it weren’t for him.

When Bully got arrested for assault he was sent to prison, he was sent to the same prison Boy worked at. When Boy found out, he was so happy. He went to pay Bully a visit. He had gotten bigger since Bully had last seen him, His once “weak” arms, now corded and muscular, His thin, small frame, now wide, and imposing.
“What do you want?” Bully spat, as Boy entered the cell.
“Hello Bully.” Was all the Boy said, it was all that was necessary. Bully’s eyes opened wide, in pure abject terror, He knew the man in front of him. He saw the anger in the man’s eyes, He remembered the pain he had caused him.
“Pleas- please..” He stammered.
But the Boy couldn’t hear him, He was reliving that day. He delivered the same punch to the gut he had received. The same swing to the jaw. And the Bully, He got his just deserts.


  1. Desert? As in the sandy place?..

    I thought it was meant to be Dessert or something. No idea.

  2. it is just Deserts, but over time the phrase has been read as just Desserts, and then people started writing it like that.

    And thank you.