Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part III

Nether sat on the couch, waiting for his brother, and must have dosed off, because when he opened his eyes, Aether's face filled his entire vision.
"Wake up Sleepy. You want a shower or not?"
"Yes, Thanks Aether."
Nether walked off into the bathroom and Aether jumped and laid down on the couch.
"I love this couch" He said, to no-one in particular. Turning on the television, he sat there, gazing at the characters of his favourite cartoon.
When Nether came out of the bathroom, he said to Aether "I don't know how those shows amuse you"
"The jokes are... Funny." Aether responded, not hearing the actual question.
"Well, turn it off, we have to go visit," He said pulling out the card "Mister Reginald Bluthund"
"He has a ridiculous chosen name don't you think? Reginald, Bluthund, Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it? Now our name, stroke of brilliance really"
"Yes, thank you Aether. For the hundredth time."

Dressed and ready, they left the apartment, which, unlike entering it, only involved the pushing of a button. They took the elevator down to the carpark, where, they were greeted at their car by a gentleman who looked as if he had stepped from Victorian London, complete with an accent.
"Hello, My name is Vicarious Splay, and I've been looking for you two, I even brought you a gift" At this he snapped his palms open, spending ripples through the air at the two Grimm Brothers.
"Oh hell." they said in unison, and promptly sent flying back. Doing a twist in the air, Nether landed on his feet, His brother, a bit less co-ordinated, was not so lucky and was left sprawling.
Aether regarded his brother, from the ground. "Vicarious Splay.."
"The guy who took the contract, yes." Nether finished for him.
"So that means.."
"The contract was to kill us" He finished again.
"Stop doing that!" Aether shouted at him. Then, a thought crossing his mind he said, smartly "Well, better he took it then us, I wasn't really in the mood for suicide."
With this he scrambled to his feet, and pulled out his crossbow, which snapped open, with a faint click.
He joined his brother, who already had his weapon out.
"If you family meeting is over," Vicarious called, from across the carpark "Then care to come at me, Brothers?"