Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part II

“Reginald Bluthund, I see” Aether pronounced, attempting an intelligent voice “No actually, I don’t see at all, someone explain to me?”
“I do believe” Interjected Garmand, annoyingly “That this fellow would request your patronage”
“Yes, thank you Garmand” Nether replied coolly, He had had quite enough of the prude financier. “Well then Aether, I suppose we pay him a visit.”
Nether strode out of the building, not feeling a need to acknowledge Garmand, Aether followed quickly behind with a chirpy “Seeya!”

Nether waited until they got in the car before he spoke.
“Aether, This could be one of two things, either our big break, or, More likely, a trap.”
“But brother, What makes you think it’s a trap?”
“Simple, people haven’t seeked us out before, and we haven’t done anything to make them start now.”
“Ooh, what if this man was related to one of the Black Hound Bandits? And he’s like, seeking us out to enact his revenge?”
“Either way Brother, it would be a trap.” Nether looked in the rear-view mirror, dirt smeared his face,  fleck of splattered blood showing that he was dirty from a fight, not just some kind of tumble.
“Although, we do need to clean up a bit beforehand, if this fellow is as fancy as his card suggests” Nether shuddered at the thought, he disliked anyone who thought money gave them power, especially if they did nothing to earn the money.
“That’s true brother, you do look like crap” Nether turned to look at him and shook his head, Aether laughed.

They drove out of the darker suburbs, and into the nicer parts of town, manicured lawns, neat gardens, uniform houses. They came to a high rise apartment block, sticking out like a sore thumb in the crowd, it was first of many planned. They parked in the underground car-park, got out and took the elevator to the top floor, on the way, Aether chatted at Nether about how he liked Elevator music, Nether looked at his brother and smiled. He never stopped amazing him, between them they had killed scores of men, their deaths fuelling their own necromancy, and they had seen horrors committed while hunting down murderers. Yet here was Aether chatting away about elevator music.  Nether laughed to himself. Noticing this, Aether questioned him “What’s so funny Brother?”
“Nothing Little Brother” Nether replied with a grin.
Aether thought to himself, “My brother can sure be weird sometimes.”

They reached to top floor, and stepped into a narrow corridor, furnished with bare cream walls and lush Blood-red carpet. Opposite them was a massive door, their front door.
“After you” Aether motioned to his brother with a grin. They never got tired of their door, custom made and magically sealed, only two necromancers could open it.
Nether pulled out and extended his staff, the blades glowing black as the shadowy tendrils fell from them. He spun around, spinning the staff around him and plunged it into a slot in the door, Behind him, Aether unhooked his crossbow, and fired a shadowy bolt directly at his brother. Halfway before impact it split, into twelve smaller shards, embedding themselves into the door, the same positions as a clock. Nether twisted his staff and the door swung open.

Aether turned to his brother. “I love our door” He said, a huge smile spreading from cheek to cheek. They both walked inside and collapsed on the couch inside their luxurious apartment with a sigh. Then suddenly, Aether jumped up, running into the bathroom shouting “I call first shower!”

Nether smiled, that boy will never get any older. He looked around him, taking in the apartment. The same red carpet from in the hall could be seen here, but the walls instead of the cream as outside were painted a deep complimentary brown, with the trimming on the few windows a rich gold. Their hardly used kitchen was spotless, as usual, its marble benches gleaming. Nether felt pride as he looked around, he and his brother had worked for the money to pay for this.

- Tyler Morrisson 31st March 2011

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