Friday, March 25, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part I

Nether pulled his staff from the final bandit, frowning as it got caught on his tough leather armour.
“Well that was fun” His brother chirped in.
“You might call it that.” Nether responded, looking at his brother and retracting his staff and sliding it onto his belt. He knelt down to retrieve something from the body and wrapping it in a fold of dark cloth he pulled from one of his many pockets. “Let’s go” He said turning to leave.
“Hey Brother?” Aether said, always inquisitive.
“Yes Aether?” Came the reply.
“I was thinking, when are we going to get out of this contract work, I mean it’s just too easy.”
Nether turned to look at his brother, covered in blood and sweat from their fight he looked horrible, his jet black hair even messier in his ponytail than usual, yet despite all this, that same quirky grin he had always had was fixed on his lips.
“Only you Brother, Would want to quit a job because the work is too easy”
“Y’know me, always looking for a challenge, up and ready for a fight” At this, He ran up beside Nether, miming a fisticuff with an invisible opponent. This managed to cause Nether to crack one of his rare smiles.
“How did I ever get stuck with you?” He asked.
“Well you see,” Aether eagerly responded, raising up his two pointer finger to act as puppets. “When a man meets a woman, and they love each other very much…”
“Alright alright, I get it.”
By this time they had reached Nether’s car, a black 1960’s Corvette, in perfect condition. He looked at it admiringly, as he did every time he saw it; they walked up and got in. They drove in relative silence, with Aether humming a small diddy. They passed through the countryside, And into more populated areas, until eventually they were back In Dublin. Nether drove carefully, as he always did, Down some less respectable streets in the darker parts of town, or that is how they seemed to those not in the know. In reality the streets were filled with mages, and all kinds of creatures, cloaked by magic. They pulled up outside a no descript brownstone building, the only markings a small brass sign saying is cursive script:
Garmand and Co
To outsiders, this building is known as the home to the rather unsuccessful Lawyer’s Firm, Garmand and Co, However it is actually the least known, but best, mercenary trade-post in Dublin. The Grimm Brothers entered the building, the door opening with the jingle of a small bell. Upon arrival they were immediately Greeted by Mr Edmund Garmand, Financeer and Owner, as his nameplate so proudly proclaimed.
“You have returned, and so fast I might add” Garmand said to the brothers, his slight lisp irritating Nether, as it always has.
“We have indeed, Here is the proof of contract” Nether said handing him the clothed wrapped package. Meanwhile, his brother casually wandered the foyer, examining everything as if he had never been here before, despite this being his 50th visit exactly.
Garmand un-wrapped the package revealing strip of leather the size of his palm patched with the initials of B. H. B. on a ribbon, with a black furred wolf backing it. It was the insignia for the Black Hound Bandits, now all deceased.
“I see, thank you very much” He said, pocketing the insignia, and opening the nearby briefcase. “So that was £2000,” He said, handing a wad of cash to Nether, “It has been a pleasure doing business with you both”“Are there any other contracts?” Nether asked, hating to be left with nothing to do.
“Not at the moment, a man by the name of..” At this he paused checking his ever present notebook “Vicarius Splay, just picked up my last one, However this did come for you” He told Nether, Pulling a Thick black envelope from an inner pocket in his coat and handed it to the older Grimm Brother.
At this Aether’s ears perked up and he dived for the envelope, intercepting it and tearing it open, from inside a Black business card fell out. He picked it up, on it was simply written in fine gold print.
Tyler Morrisson Sunday, 26th March 2011