Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Grimm Brothers Part IV

"Don't see why not" Aether responded sharply, firing several bolts of darkness at Splay, Who promptly snapped his his hands open, propelling himself safely over the shots and landing a few feet away.
"Nifty" Nether said, rushing him, both blades at either end of his staff absorbing the light around it. "My turn"
He spun around, swinging the staff in an arc, catching Vicarious a glancing blow on the arm, Who responded by hurling two fireballs, at Nether. Aether let off another volley of shots, hitting both fireballs, making them fizzle out mid-air.
"You are almost too easy Vicarious, I would have expected more"
"You want more?" Vicarious spat, hurtling at Aether. Pre-empting this aether leapt back, Firing at the ground.
"You missed me, You little bastard."
"Look again" Aether replied cheerfully, grinning.
The darkness had spread across the ground, spreading up Vicarious' legs and binding him there.
"See, the crossbow is just for show, we are necromancers, we control the shadows themselves. not just the objects they are bound too" Aether taunted. He then threw a hard jab into Vicarious' ribs. This made him cough, winding him. Aether followed up with a kick, right into the same spot. There was a faint cracking noise. And Vicarious fell to his knees. the shadows surged over his wrists, binding him there. Nether stalked over, holding one of the blades to Vicarious' throat.
"So, Mr Splay, do tell us, who put out the contract?" He said menacingly.
"They don't tell us, you know that, you are a mercenary"
"I have a feeling this was a special contract."
"It wasn't, I just went and picked it up, just like always, I thought it odd why anyone would want to kill you two, but work's work, and the reward was high enough" He began to cry.
"How much?"
"Two hundred thousand pounds." Vicarious sobbed.
"Well, I'm flattered"

With that, Nether walked away, followed by Aether who jogged up to join him.
"Well, you know who we have to pay a little visit to?"
"Reginald Bluthund?" Aether responded, confused.
"No, he can wait. A certain Mr Edmund Garmand has the information we want."

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