Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wizard of Oz parody idea

So, after I finished my maths exam today, I had an idea for a Wizard of Oz, parody, twist thing. And anyone who has the luck of looking at the back page might have a bit of an idea what it is.

Or just read this.

To sum it up, It's a dystopian world, set in an urban environment, crime rules, etc etc.
Tin Man is an old man, and he's not called tin man, he's called Charles, or some such name. He's Tin man because he's semi-homeless and collects tin cans for a living, he needs a "heart" because he's lost all hope.
Scarecrow is a assassin for hire, but he's headstrong, and always picking fights, rushing into things without, you guessed it, thinking. And that's how he needs a brain.
"Lion" is a teenage boy, and that's his nickname, because he's always so scared. With good reason, his family was killed by mobsters in a drive by shooting. At some point, he kills a lion. And gets his courage. and wears the tail. It's all sketchy at the moment.

As for Dorothy, I'm undecided, either a young girl who has lost her way. Or a Teenage/Young Adult girl who has also lost her way, and is, a prostitute. But keeps her spirits up.

I have no idea who the wizard would be, or why this unlikely band of compatriots would band together to go to him.

It's all in development, but I like it.

oh, and Todo would be a big dog. Not a small one.

Just some thoughts, Tyler.

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