Monday, October 3, 2011

Writing Challenge.

This one is tricky.

Write me a sentence, without using the vowel e.


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  2. Can I do more than a sentence?
    Say, five?

    In dim light, shadows crouch. Nothing finds light: all is black-struck. Shadows grow, though I do not flinch. As night falls from favour, suns grow on a hill. Watch as light plays its happy song: its cry of triumph.

    I like this challenge. ^.^

  3. That is brilliant.
    Challenge success A+

    I got: I am a man, and I will kill you, stab through your throat, and blood will fall.

  4. That is quite a morbid sentence you've got there. :D Not using 'e' is great, forces you to search your vocabulary ^.^ utterly brilliant.

  5. I will try and kill you, I know I will. I don't want to. But it's my wolf's instinct, I can't control him.